Sunday, July 6, 2008

surviving free train food...

My eldest dd and I made it to Montreal last night after a very, very lengthy train ride. Fellow Canadians probably know all about Via and its delays (my dh wonders why they print a train schedule), but for those of you who don't know Viarail- I don't think it's ever on time? My daughter thinks that we're the problem and they'll stop taking our bookings when they hear our name. Anyway, our train tickets cost a grand total of 7 dollars and change because of the delays during our LAST train trip during March Break (coming and going from my parents). So while we did get a free trip this time, we won't get much of a break next time because they take the percentage off on what you actually paid for the tickets- so no reimbursement for pain and suffering this time. (dh wants me to get back the 7 bucks. lol)

Anyway, our train- just outside TO- ran over something that knocked the brakes off the first class carriage in front (ergo things could have been worse, eh?) and so we had to back up to the downtown station again (after sitting forever) and get the car taken off. The weight loss related part of this post is that during the rest of the trip, all items from the refreshment cart were free..and (drum roll) I withstood the lure of candy bars, chips, brownies, etc. etc. and didn't even buy something from the drink cart when I really, REALLY deserved a drink- so a NSV for Janet! Free food is tempting, but it still has calories, right?! (sometimes the free factor sucks you in- note the pushing and shoving at the sample tables @ Costco)

We spent the day with my Dad (who is looking pretty frail, but who was able to get out of bed for a walk and smiled at us when we came in :)) so today was a lot of sitting around. I ate fairly well and got dd to go for a walk with me tonight around my parents' pretty town. Thanks for any get well vibes sent our way yesterday. :)


Manuela said...

Ah Via!

I've never gone farther than TO and have never experienced any delays (sorry!) so I'm not familiar with horror stories. I actually love taking the train because I can read, sleep, etc.

Good for you on resisting the temptation of free goodies!

(sure, now the next time I take the train it will be delayed ha!)

cdndyme said...

good for you for resisting temptation... I am not sure I would be that good. Although I MIGHT try and pick the healthiest option.

I will happily take your costco shopping list!!! I need some ideas there. I almost got these Turkey Sausages, but then found the tester lady and they were HORRIBLE.
Sooooo..... Last time I spent $8.00 and the time before that I spent $15.00 (the horror).
Good luck tomorrow!!!
lets both hope for BIG LOSSES.