Friday, July 18, 2008

Exercising for New Stuff

I know one should exercise for the pure love of fitness, but sometimes what gets me out the door is the shopping. A good fitness purchase puts some pep in my step and improves my demeanor in facing the next workout. Is that wrong? I say "no"-though my dh might argue. (He's a better saver than me, but he's also not working out AT ALL these days. You can't take it with you when you go way before your wife due to lack of exercise, honey!) ;)

Currently I need shoes. Aren't these new Asics GEL Nimbus running shoes pretty? When I did my longest race (side note: the oldest road race in North America- and 30K in length), I had the Nimbus shoes in green. We (my 2 running partners and I) also bought matching green Adidas shirts and jackets. It was all very cute. People cheered for us along the route, "Go team green!" Very motivational and proof positive that a good shopping trip helps with the exercise routine. You also look better in race photos- well as good as the beet-red, de-makeuped and utterly exhausted can look.

In actual exercise news (and not future shopping excuse plotting), I successfully woke up (YEAH) and completed my 3rd studio session of boot camp this morning. (Yes, my dh is back to set the alarm properly.) It was a tough workout. I knew it was heading that way when the instructor intro'd it with "ok, this is a tough circuit today." It is always a bad sign when they are openly admitting it. It was good though. I have no upper body strength, so the whole weight bearing aspect to the studio class is a good thing. I really want to shape and tone my muscles, besides lose the weight. I love feeling "stronger". kwim? (No more sand kicked in my face at the beach.)

Anyway, I am thinking I need a new outfit to go with my new sprouting muscles and new Nimbus running shoes- wouldn't you say? ;)


Cammy said...

No, you CANNOT wear the same old thing with new Asics. In fact, I think it's a requirement. :)

Hope you enjoy yours as much as I've enjoyed mine (the gel9's)

diet betty said...

I'm glad it's not just me - I keep dreaming of going to a running shop in the city where they video you running on a treadmill and then supply you with trainers that perfectly balance your running style - ooh, it'd be like getting a tailor made suit! Today I made do with a runnin gbelt to keep my water bottle and phone in, a way of bribing myself to get off the treadmill and out into the countryside!
Diet Betty :)

JanetM97 said...

Yes, I'd love to get fitted for the perfect shoes, too. (though I also enjoy going with pretty!) ;)

Thanks for sharing your enjoyment of the Asics gels, too, Cammy!