Friday, July 4, 2008

I survived boot camp...

... day one anyway! Yeah for exercising- though my muscles feel all tired and trembl-y right now! Our class started at 9:00am and it was a studio workout- so pretty much 3 rounds of intense 13 station circuit with some mat work before and after. Gotta get back to loving the plank position again. *sigh* I think this will be a very good thing and I'll see definite results. I really want to get back to regularly doing weights, so this, hopefully, will kick start that desire. I'd love to have better toned arms and legs, etc. etc. I haven't had my pre-session interview and measuring yet, but when I do, maybe I'll bravely post them and keep track of the results thru the summer.

On Wednesday is the outside stair work. The above picture is from the boot camp's Climb for Cancer they did awhile back. The man on the stairs is Brian, our trainer (from today anyway). He's very nice but kind of ruthless. Actually, he's a great trainer and very encouraging. The set of stairs picture is one of the sets that we work out on- we also run trails to OTHER stairs. They proceed to do crazy things like 2 stairs at a time, running the stairs, doing hill repeats below the stairs and then doing multiple laps of the stairs. Way more, in other words, than I would do by my lazy self.

Anyway it's a nice sunny day other there. Maybe I'll get some more cardio in through a walk or something! Happy 4th of July to any Americans who might read this! :)


blendergrl said...

Wow! I am looking forward to hearing about your boot camp adventures! That is something I am pledging to do about 30lbs from now.. I am scared I would just curl up in a ball and cry :)

Great job!!

Cammy said...

That does it. I now know I'm completely bonkers. That actually sounds like fun. :)

Glad you survived the class (but I'm not surprised you did)! It does look like an awful lot of work!

Melzie said...

OMG- look at those stairs, WOW. You go girl!!! LOL!

To answer your question- You look familiar too, your nick at least, LOL! Do you post on SCS? I've been on so many yahoo groups I'm not sure!! But I was in one a few years ago that had drama, and they closed teh group- and then a group of us created another one... does that sound familiar? It was about 4ish yrs ago.. maybe... LOL!