Thursday, September 4, 2008

2 strikes and 1 hit, sort of

I'm checking in as promised even though I'm super tired! (Remember how I said I'd be belly aching this week? Well, after a long 4 day week of work- well, 3 days so far, tiredness has settled in da bones, man. Plus, I'm apparently kind of giddy and most likely, very annoying. Anywhoo...) I have 3 weight loss related shares, 2 that didn't work out so much and the 3rd that IS a keeper. They're all kinda boring (sorry!), but I'm trying to stay motivated by staying accountable and posting here. On the bright side, this might actually be good bedtime reading if you need sleep like I do. :P

First of all, after promising to try out my Nike Sportband yesterday, I did actually make myself get out there and do it. The bad news is that I didn't do it right and so will have to retry it and share again (though not tonight, obviously- due to supreme tiredness OR tomorrow due to boot camp duty after work- after which I'll be super, super tired, I'm sure.) The reason it didn't work out? We had some errands to run yesterday after I posted (more school supplies for eldest dd who claimed they could NOT wait until the weekend, a wok to buy for the CL recipe I wanted to try, the groceries for fore mentioned CL recipe), so by the time we finished getting it done, everyone was tired and it was late, so we went out for dinner- since we were "out" already and all.

*sidenote: I had the Chopstick Chicken with the dressing on the side which I've expressed my love for in a previous blog (@Jack Astor's)

So, by the time we got home it was dark outside. I really wanted to take out my contacts, but I felt compelled to endure it and run, after posting and all (you guys are GOOD for my motivation- thanks!), so off I went. Unfortunately, it was too dark to see the Sportband's "window" and so I couldn't tell if it was working. har. I plugged in the computer do-hickey and tried to upload it anyway, when I got home, but obviously I didn't have it set up right and it didn't save my run.

bad news: no run to look at or track
good news: I actually ran

The second health related item that didn't turn out that great was my wok dinner that I finally made tonight. It looks lovely in the Cooking Light picture- "it" being Curried Chicken and Cashews but it was pretty bland- in our house anyway. Part of the problem might have been my failure to find 3 small dried hot red chilies to break in half and add. I found actual, not dried chilies, but thought that they might be too spicy, so I just put in one and didn't break it. The dish was NOT spicy AT ALL. The other reason I didn't like it was the strong cilantro flavour. I'm not crazy about cilantro anyway and in the CL picture, their bits are super tiny (looking way beyond the called for "chopped", while the best part, the cashews, which are supposed to be chopped (as per the instructions I followed) look pretty whole in the picture. argh! (Should have followed the picture, rather than the instructions. I think whole cashews could help ANY recipe, eh?!)

Maybe I'd chop my nuts less and the cilantro more if I made it again...though I'll probably not make it again. I have a honking big bag of Madras curry powder as a result of this recipe, hopefully, I at least make more Madras curry powder recipes. lol.

bad: bland dinner that involved the purchase of a new wok pan
good: a new type of curry to explore and a new wok to make curry'd things in

The third weigh loss related new thing I tried, that I actually liked- which probably isn't new to anyone except me, was my lunch time snack: Buttered Popcorn flavoured Mini Delights, that I found in Erie, PA. They are pretty teeny- like all the mini delights, but if you eat them sloooooooowly, it almost seems like you're having a long lasting treat for a mere 2 points. I find when I'm watching what I'm eating, I crave salt more. Think this is as a result of less processed foods? hmmm....

anyway. Thanks for reading, if anyone lasted this long. You are a true blogger friend and the wind beneath my sails and all that. Night! :)


cdndyme said...

Sorry about your armband not working right... I a sure you will get it all set up and be splendid at it soon enough.
As for the salt... it's not shocking the Heart & Stroke Association says Canadians are addicted to salt and actually have physical cravings for it. In fact, we consume more salt than any other country.
I say watch your salt intake just like you watch your points. Stay under 2200 mg per day. Your body will get use to it.
Since I started watching my salt I find I can REALLY taste salt now and prefer the taste of food without it.

JanetM97 said...

interesting about the salt! I actually don't add salt to anything (unlike my salt crazed friends and family members), except for recipes, of course. I know that the processed stuff packs in on though. My one friend even adds salt to bacon. lolol. She says she's trying to avoid a goiter (sp?) but she's actually a salt addict. :P