Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Isn't it Tuesday today?

Guess I'm a tad tardy for the HYC check-in! Last night after shutting down the computer and watching Veronica Mars (again) until past bedtime, I remembered that it was check-in day. I sometimes get a wee bit confused since my WI day is Wednesday, but I think that this time the confusion was because of the long weekend. Tuesday felt like Monday...and so on. (Though I'm pretty tired today, so it kind of feels like Friday if I stop to think about it. Course that could be WISHFUL thinking, as opposed to FORGETFUL thinking. ) Anyway, I'm making myself check in officially, even though I'm one day late. It's time to stop the madness of regaining pounds I lost (and don't really want back!)

Reflecting on my week, I DID make some positive changes to my diet (less mindless eating) and I did commit to more exercise (signing up for the boot camp), but I need to get back to journaling what I eat (on my online tracker) cause I just seem not to hold myself accountable if I'm not tracking. I'm planning on making something healthy for dinner AND I'm hoping to crack out my Nike sportsband for the first time. I will lyk how both go tomorrow.


Cammy said...

I'm so happy you chose to celebrate the positive things you're doing! None of us is perfect; we just have to keep plugging away at it. You're on the right track--that's for sure!

JanetM97 said...

thanks Cammy! :)