Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hannah Montana and lots of cakes

Hey HYC check-in-ers! How is it that the weeks are passing so quickly this month?! Anyway, I had a good week, overall. I "think" I'm down at least a pound, though the scale didn't show it this morning (like it did on Monday). *wah!* We'll see if the numbers dip back down again tomorrow.

I have been doing more weights with regular boot camp attendance, building some muscle hopefully, so maybe that will slow down the scale a little? in a good, fat busting way? I'm not sweating it, too much. I've been feeling back on track, more in control and feeling better in general. I do notice that when I'm waaaaaaaay off program, in the land of poutines and pizzas, even when I'm not gorging myself, I still feel sluggish and less energized. With weight watchers- after the first week on program anyway, I don't really feel deprived and I do feel much healthier and in control. I heart feeling in control of my eating. Yeah for self control! :)

So hopefully I stay on this downward trend. I AM heading into the land o' the big birthday parties- both my girls have September birthdays, starting this weekend with a Hannah Montana sleepover birthday party and ending next weekend with a movie star theme sleepover. This might very well throw off my workout schedule due to exhaustion and throw me face first into a number of tempting cakes and snacks. I'm resolving to stay strong though. Maybe I'll jump into the Hannah Montana dance competition ( a la Dance, Dance Revolution ) to earn some APs? ;)

On a funny side note, dd of the Hannah Montana sleepover wants an ice cream cake for her friends party, but wants us to make a cake for her family one. She said, "Can you make one of your Cooking Light cakes for it?" lol. See how I'm training my children? ;P


Cammy said...

How cool that your daughter wants a light cake! Especially cool that she knows there's a difference. :)

new*me said...

Your daughter is proof that healthy can be yummy! We have lots of Sept. birthdays too :) It's fun but I will be able to relax (and the checkbook too) when the month is over.

JanetM97 said...

Thanks girls!

I'm thinking that I've been telling them "oh! this is from Cooking Light" so much that they think all my recipes come from there. lol. Plus, she really liked that chocolate number we did last week.

Cooking Light isn't really "Diet" with a capital "D" anyway, eh? Just a few things trimmed here and there, with an attempt to kept the fat % down overall, too, in their recipes. I am pleased that she thinks that a cake from their magazine would be a good thing though. :)

carla said...


I cant, yet, imagine my Toddler ever uttering those words :) but we'll see...

BIT KUDOS TO YOU on your role modeling.


SeaShore said...

September's a loaded month for us, too. The muscle you're building will help burn off those extra celebratory calories!

So, are you making a Cooking Light cake?

JanetM97 said...

Thanks for the comments, blogging girlfriends! :) Yes! we made a Cooking Light cake! I'm just about to share it.