Sunday, September 14, 2008

Anything with Peanut Sauce MUST be good.

I tried a couple new Cooking Light recipes today. One was Chicken Burgers with Peanut Sauce. I got it from the Best of Cooking Light Summer Grilling issue that came out last summer. It was really good. The peanut sauce was super!

The whole deal added up to 7 points, which I think is fine, but you could shave some of the points down easily by using a WW bun. (I actually trimmed off some of the overhanging bread since my bun was pretty big and I knew in my ww heart, I really wasn't supposed to be eating that much bread. :P

To explain: My children were "bun shopping" with me ( and shopping for OTHER things besides large hunks of bread. ) They actually picked huge white kaisers for themselves. I, at least, selected a smaller whole wheat number, so I was a better ww shopper than the tots anyway. Is there a prize? a smaller muffin top, you say? (The recipe suggests sesame seed buns, which my children don't like, ergo the individual bun shopping in the bun bin area). Ok. this explanation of the buns is running a little long, moving on!

You could also shave off some points by cutting back on the peanut sauce, but I'd advise against it! The peanut sauce was really, really delicious! It has dark sesame oil in it- I love the flavour of that and it's so good mixed with the pb and soy sauce, too.

The burgers themselves were interesting to make, because I've never ground up my own boneless chicken to make chicken burgers before. ( I tried to get the butcher at Fortinos to do it for me, but he said they don't do anything with the chicken- it comes packaged. ) Anyway, I guess it's good to know what is REALLY in your chicken burger *eep* and grounding it yourself, helps you know for sure. :P I just have a mini food processor, so I had to ground stuff together in little batches, but it all worked out ok. ...and I had dh bleach out the processor bits afterward. I am seriously raw chicken germ paranoid.

In the end, dh and I gave the burgers a big thumbs up. The kids were divided on them. It's probably, in part, because they wouldn't try the peanut sauce except on the teeniest, tiniest corner of their large kaiser rolls. I tried to tell them it was the best part!


carla said...

I love kids. (and peanuts. and cooking lite. and when YOU cook and I dont have to try the recipe until it has been tested. all that.)


JanetM97 said...

Thanks MizFit! :)