Monday, September 1, 2008

Ever had a classic Italian bread salad?

We apparently had one tonight! yee haw! I learned that is what Steak Panzanella is- reading the small print description under Menu Two for flank steak in the August Cooking Light. I liked it. It was pretty refreshing tasting. I liked the bits of basil tossed in- fresh from our garden, mind you, Janet says in a braggy voice. I was also was able to use some tomatoes from our garden (more bragging), though some kind of bug is boring holes in a number of them (didn't use those ones, ick!)

In recipe revisions, I used apple cider vinegar in place of their sherry vinegar, cause my wine vinegar looked skunky (with hardened bits in the bottom) and so I tossed it. I kind of kept parts of the salad separated for the kids (ergo the steak bits not really "tossed in" in the picture).

I actually did a lot of tossing today, shovelling out (quite literally) both of my daughter's rooms. We could have QUITE the garage sale on Barbies and Polly Pockets and stuffed animals. Anyone need a few? hundred? I had hoped to get out running, but this activity consumed my day- maybe earning minor APs? :P It feels so good to have their rooms organized for the new school year, though.

In the exercise news dept, today I talked to my friend who is organizing another boot camp- after work on Mondays and Fridays- and told her I'm in. (until piano lessons start in Nov). So that means at least 3 days for committed exercise for the fall. I hope to add an aerobic class at school and maybe at a gym on the weekend, too. I'd really like to try to do something every day- well, maybe with one day off for good behaviour. I need me some good behaviour, as I'm truly lacking in it. It's been helping reading all your blogs to get some re-commitment thanks y'all, as Aunt Kim would say. :)


carla said...

I laughed at your I NEED ME SOME GOOD BEHAVIOR remark.

I love your plan of a day off----good behavior or not your body deserves it :)

the good behavior? lets reward that with a MASSAGE? manicure? pedicure? new tee?

happy short week.


new*me said...

as usual,the food is looking yummy.

The boot camp sounds fun. I want to join ;)!

Lainie said...

Yum, you're making me hungry (almost time for me to make din-din).

Good luck with the boot camp!