Tuesday, September 30, 2008

HYC Check-in and Seafood Share

I don't really have a great HYC check in since the 2 pound gain is still on the scale as of this morning, but that's ok! I'll work it off this week, now that bdays end today with dd's actual 11th bday today on the last day of September. ( Happy Birthday, sweetie! :) )

(Note to misguided self: Out of cake season just in time for Thanksgiving and Halloween, eh?) lol.

Anyway, I plan on going to all my boot camp sessions from now on with 2 more weeks left to go, I believe? I missed a couple with the birthday party sleepovers falling on Fridays (the second boot camp day). I DO find that the boot camp is making me do much more than I'd do on my own. Monday, I was feeling especially tired, but was invigorated by the exercise in the end. On my own, I would have talked myself out of doing anything. I don't have the work out mojo going right now.

I thought I'd share the Seafood Fettuccine that I made for dd's family bday. I hadn't had seafood for awhile and this recipe was very easy, and delicious for a special treat. It will cost you 10 points, but with its Alfredo taste (if you like that kind of thing), it's well worth saving up the points for (or dipping into flex).


Cammy said...

I still have problems pushing myself on weight exercises. In cardio, I'm fine, but I'll let myself off the hook too easily in the gym. :) Ah well, we'll get better at it, I'm sure.

new*me said...

our sept. birthdays are over but the big party celebrating everyone's....8 total...is Sunday. I am in charge of it and it's going to be at the park unless the weather is bad then it will be at my house. We are doing Pizza and cupcakes.....and a big fruit and veggie tray :) I am glad they are about over. A small break until Thanksgiving.....seriously, Halloween candy doesn't tempt me

Diana said...

I love seafood pasta, but they way I make it totally makes it a huge splurge thing and not something I eat but for once a year! You're recipie that you put up doens't look near as bad! Thanks...I'll have to try it.

It seems like never ending temptation, huh? Even after Christmas there's a lot of stuff (for us valentines day, easter, then our birthdays, then bbq's). The key is have some in moderation! All you can do.

Great with the boot camp!

JanetM97 said...

Thanks for the comments, girls! :)

Annette, you are really impressing me with the Halloween candy will power. I CAN be good if I'm in the ZONE, but if I'm not, and once I start with a single M&M, I'm very, VERY weak. lol.

Good luck with all the fattening holidays coming to us all! :D