Friday, September 5, 2008

Greasy Pizza with a side of Arugula Salad

or in full, Arugula Salad: Insalata di Rucola and greasy pizza. The salad was tasty and fresh and pretty lemony. My visiting mother was all "what kind of greens are these?" and my husband was complainy at first, but a few mouthfuls in, everyone was enjoying it. It's nice to change up the greens once in awhile, no? We do romaine and the boxed Californian type greens from Costco so much, it's nice for a change once in awhile.

sidenote: That's what I'm going for through this blog: losing weight, but trying interesting foods by trying new recipes. I like the idea of not feeling like I'm starving or deprived OR bored by bland food and I'm trying to be less lazy and more daring in my food preparation (or at least as daring as my family can stand ).

Anyway, back to the salad...the dressing was really lemony and the whole serving was 1 point. The grated cheese made it seem like you were getting more bang for your point buck.

As for the greasy pizza, sadly for their online wwing mother, my children love Pizza Hut the most. I enjoy it too, but it makes a large punch with the points. Anyway, I had it, enjoyed it and tracked it. I ordered the garden toppings for me at least. So it's all good.

I also went to my first Sept. session of boot camp today. The workout was uber exhausting, but really good. We did these crazy running/ jumping drills through rope ladders on the floor, then we moved to another room for a circuit session. Brian divided the room in two and each section had cardio and muscle stations that you worked through twice before you switched to the other half of the room. Then we went through the whole room of stations again once more before passing out on the fl- I mean before doing the boot camp cheer. So I earned my arugula salad and greasy pizza. :)

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