Saturday, September 13, 2008

I can only manage one hobby.

Some might say fitness is NOT a hobby, but I'm considering it as such, since it eats up my free time with the recipe attempts, the planning and staging of exercise, the pondering over time lines of weight loss, the recording of what I eat, the picture taking of my food (which totally cracks up my family) for this blog, etc. etc. I scrapbooked ( mini books for my dds baseball coaches- big closing ceremonies were today ), so I didn't put much into my fitness hobby. In other words, no new recipe to share OR any workout done. The most I did was call one of my old running partners to set up a time to workout this weekend. She didn't call back. She must be working on another hobby, too. har.

I DID eat one of my new snacks from Erie, PA- the Fiber One bar naturally flavoured with Oats & Strawberries with Almonds. I still prefer the chocolate chip one, BUT this one was pretty tasty- quite jamm-y tasting and I couldn't believe how much fiber was in it: 9 grams! (+2pts) I had it for a rushed "lunch" with my favourite weekend beverage: a Starbucks Non-fat Tazo Chai Latte.

Hope all my blogging friends are having a non-rushed on track weekend! :)


new*me said...

The Fiber One bars are great. Some people say they can't stop at one but I find them so filling, I wouldn't want another ;) I bet your family does laugh at the picture taking of food ;)

JanetM97 said...

I agree! they ARE filling! They do laugh and my children usually beg me to take their picture eating the food or making crazy faces about the food. lol.

Cammy said...

Sometimes a day off doing something you enjoy is just the energy boost we need!

I'm with you on the FO strawberry--tasty, but it doesn't top the choc or the peanut butter.