Thursday, September 11, 2008


Just a quickie check in kind of post.

I went to my boot camp outside stair session last night and it was mainly a run- following a route I used to go on a lot with my running club group. Anyway, we did a warm up and then ran for about 10 mins to a set of stairs that climb the escarpment, climbed the stairs, ran across the mountain brow (about 20 mins) and then down through this woody path (another 10 or so?)

I started off running solo, because my one friend, who showed up for this event, has stayed running and is way faster than I am. (There were 3 groups: running, jogging and walking. I did the jogging group.) Anyway, I ended up running with a couple of ladies I didn't know after we found a comfortable pace. We did 10s and 1s. (10 min running and 1 minute walking.) It felt great! I was kind of worried going into it because I haven't run regularly or gone that far for awhile. ( I think it was about 6 km? I'll have to look it up.)

The stairs we went up are very exhausting by the way. Flights and flights leading to the sky. It's best not to look up while your climbing or you lose heart. I was totally puffing half way up.

I'll have to bring my camera sometime. It's pretty scenic ( esp. via pics as you can't hear all the huffing and puffing- that gets distracting from the scenery. ) ;)

I haven't really done a new recipe lately, so I thought I'd post on one of our regular quick dinner "meals"- scrambled eggs. My children like them plain with a side of toast (and a veggie or two- well, the veggies are more MY idea ;)). I've taken to doing one whole egg and one egg white for mine, mixed with a bit of skim milk. I've started having it in a warmed tortilla and adding things like diced avocado (good in everything imho), green onion, tomato, lettuce greens, a bit of low fat mayo and a wee bit o' low fat cheese. I also like olives with it, but I usually have them on the side, along with a nice green salad. mmmm....

One of my co-workers lost a ton of weight having micro'd egg whites EVERY freakin' day! It worked, but I'm not THAT crazy about eggs- though power to her for massive will power. She looked great in the end. :)

Anyone else feel like sharing their favourite egg concoction with me?

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