Monday, September 15, 2008

Janet was good today!

Janet not ONLY went to boot camp after work, but she even came home and tried a new Cooking Light recipe afterward! ( Does it creep you out when people talk in the third person? ) Anywhooo... boot camp was good. We did a warm up then 4 double circuits of 4 exercises at each station (one being cardio and one being mat work in each) and then one final run through all the exercises until the hour was up.

I think I'm getting stronger. 3rd person commentary: Janet has little upper body strength and would like to work on that- and firming up everywhere else of course, too.

The BBQ dinner ( that I shopped for on Sunday when I was buying the chicken burger stuff ) was Pasta and Grilled Vegetables with Goat Cheese. (Like the burgers, it was also from the Best of Cooking Light Summer Grilling issue.) The promise of goat cheese (which I already had in my fridge) caught my eye of course, and I liked that you sprinkled it over the dish with chopped basil- being a pesto loving girl. Otherwise it's a pretty basic recipe with no added oil (!) except for the cheese. (How oily ARE those goats?) I'd never grilled radicchio before (interesting flavour!) and I really liked the artichoke hearts.

Since we've been married so long, my dh loved all the same things that I did in this dish. He only disliked the goat cheese, the radicchio and the artichoke hearts. ( har. seriously, he said he didn't like the "look" of the artichoke hearts. Cause that's what's most important in vegetables. AND personally, I think artichoke hearts are very CUTE, what with all their layers? seriously one of the cuter pickled veggies in a can! )

Anyway, this dish will cost you 6 points if you are a weight watcher girl. I did enjoy it. I think I'd try some other veggies in it, too- like mushrooms. I'm NOT losing the artichoke though. :)

p.s. Our bbq ran out of "juice" ( as dh calls it ) during the making of this recipe. The veggies were cooked "enough", but I probably would have cooked them a little bit longer than how they ended up. :)


N8 said...

iiiiinterseting... lol. u dint know me, but, well, i guess i now know u... lol. check out! for all ur fun needs.

blendergrl said...

It definately creeps me out when people talk in the 3rd person! Christy thinks your meal looks delicious, but then again Christy loves artichoke hearts and basil!

You must be getting stronger with all of that boot camping! Christy is very proud of you! :)

new*me said...

Great job on the boot camp! LOVE artichoke hearts :)

Cammy said...

Your husband has a finicky-buddy in me! I think artichokes of any kind look funny. :)

Congrats on even MORE good choices!

JanetM97 said...

Thanks for the comments, blogging girlfriends! :)

and lol Christy! Janet thinks Christy is VERY amusing. :D