Monday, February 2, 2009

Crock Pot Lasagna

Hope everyone had a good Superbowl Sunday- without too many chicken wings (cause you can't just eat one of those thangs) Or else if you had lots, that you enjoyed it and are back on track today. :)

I made my second crock pot recipe (Can I get a woo hoo?) and - like the chicken wings- it wasn't super low in points either (9 lovely, cheesy points). It was worth the points, though, imho and was quite filling. Pesto Lasagna with Spinach and Mushrooms IS a Cooking Light recipe- inspite of its cheese-high points. I found it online when I was looking up mushroom recipes. I got a bag of mushrooms in my organic veggie box. I wasn't sure what kind of mushrooms these were, actually, but this recipe said you could use any kind of mushroom- so I went for it- blindly.

It also calls for commercial pesto and my veggie box also had a beautiful bunch of basil. Seriously, I think it was the prettiest bunch of basil I've ever seen. So, instead of buying pesto, I made it using the recipe from my Cooking Light Complete- but you can find it here. I modified it to 2 tbsp of olive oil and 1 of water. (Partly because I ran out of olive oil- partly for good health.) I had some pesto left over which I saved for another day. :)

When I was mixing the pesto, sliced mushrooms and spinach together (I used the suggested replacement of 2 boxes of frozen spinach instead of the fresh, btw- cause I thought it'd be faster), it just looked so pretty and smelled so good that I took a picture of that, too. Not that you can smell the fresh pesto over the computer, but still. Imagine a wonderful pesto smell. It was lov-er-ly! If you don't like pesto, I'm ok with you skipping the imagining.

Anywhooo...the lasagna was really good. I loved it, dh liked it and had seconds (and he's not huge on pesto), the younger dd was quite enthused to eat it, though she left some of the veggie bits (there's a lot of spinach in this) and older dd avoided most of the green in it. I definitely would make this again, though I might try some other non-pesto types of lasagna beforehand. I was thinking a mac and cheese recipe might be fun for the family. I'll have to see if I can find one that shaves off some points from the regular stuff.

In exercise news, I did go out for a 30 min walk yesterday- partly to get dd some fresh air. Being with dd, it wasn't super fast, though I did try to keep up a bit of a pace without committing child abuse. ;) After I came in, I went to my workout spot in the basement and did my Nike Touch App challenge thing- working the core muscles. If anyone else has a Touch and wants to join me in a challenge, lmk. Misery- I mean fitness loves company. :)


moonduster said...

It looks delicious! And yah, my walks are a lot slower when my 2, 3 or 6 year old come along.

new*me said...

ate too much last night........back on track today ;) I saw a recipe similar last week. Must try!

carla said...

sad that it looks amazing and all I can think about is the clean up.

does that make me old??

JanetM97 said...

Thanks blogging chums! :)

lol. Carla! It's actually not a bad clean up (I know it looks messy). That's the great thing about the crock pot, I'm learning. By the time dinner cooks, you've already shoved everything into the dishwasher (I'm getting good at packing the ol' dishwasher) and put all the supplies away. I get caught up in the joy of stuffing my face and kind of forget there ever was a mess.

ummm...does that make ME old?!

Charlie Hills said...

Lasagna in a crock pot! Whodda thunkit!