Sunday, February 8, 2009

Nike Tracked Runnin' and Pistachio Pesto

Dinner tonight was quite delicious: left-overs and a new pesto recipe. (Though I MIGHT have made it before? and shared the recipe? Stellar memory, I know.) I found Fusilli with Pistachio Pesto online at Cooking Light so as to use my wilting basil from the organic box. I had all the ingredients except, strangely, tomatoes which we usually do have on hand. Younger dd helped shell the pistachios, but no one else really ate much of it. I am the only pesto fan thus far in my house. My elder dd claimed to like it, at least. Anyway, I won't give up on having it myself (cause I heart it), but I might look for a few more "subtle" basil recipes if it's in the next organic box. :)

I finally officially used my Nike Ipod tracking thing for my run/walk this morning. yeah! It was so cool! Kind of like my friend's old Garmin (that went with her non-dh in the divorce, sadly) that we used to run with. Since it was my chum's first run back in awhile (not to say I've been working out constantly, as you guys know!), we didn't run pure 10s and 1s- as we usually do on these types of runs. We took way more walk breaks. It was also super-slippery! We ran down by the waterfront just after 8:30, and there were icy patches along the run. In places you had to step gingerly. A hidden bonus was a core workout: abs held in as you tried not to wipe out while running.

Even though my first workout didn't record anything other than the trying on of my shoes apparently and this, my second run with the Nike tracker, had quite a few walk breaks AND a stair climb, I have little shame and thought I'd save it and still post my little Nike mini me on this blog. Not sure if they'll be open mocking at the Nike site- if anyone sees my stats. Anyway, in the good news: only one way to go in my progress: up! :)


new*me said...

I love all the color in that meal!

I took a walk/run for about an hour this morning before church. It was cold but not slippery. I wish we could just dodge any more ice and snow but it rarely happens that way in KS. Sometimes March can be awful for snow.

Sounds like you had a great workout!

HollyALP said...

That pesto dish looks delicious! Congratulations for moving. It sounds like you are right on track!

ani pesto said...

ooooh that pesto looks scrummy. For someone who loves pesto as much as I do, I really should start making more of my own.