Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines 2009!

Hope you all had an enjoyable Valentines! I did NOT have a romantic one, but a nice, family-activity filled one (sans dh who ironically, was pretty scarce for most of the day.) We did not go to the show- in spite of visiting babysitters, cause dh thought it would be too crowded (probably true- and at least I avoided movie popcorn.)

Good thing, cause unfortunately, I ate a tad over my points today! We had a nice breakfast out- and I was not too bad there with having a couple of pancakes (I gave the third to my little nephew who arrived late). I did also have a side of bacon, which wouldn't have been TOO bad, if it were not followed by a mid afternoon family tea at which I couldn't resist our own Valentine baking. No, I did not tuck into the Cooking Light Classic Iced Sugar Cookies (same recipe we did at Halloween) that we decorated. No, I had to have TWO Jam Sweethearts that we made from our Mom and Me Cookbook. They were very tasty and jam-my! mmmm... Hard to resist with a nice cuppa tea.

For dinner we stayed in (partly because our pox girlie is sick again) and ordered a couple of heart-shaped pizzas from Boston Pizza. On the side, my sis, Laurie, made a delicious tossed salad, and I made (previously) a coleslaw salad (Apple and Pear Slaw) and an app from Eat, Shrink & Be Merry: The Choke's On You. This artichoke dip (2 points for 1/3 cup) is VERY tasty and is served with warmed pita bread. Delish!


SeaShore said...

Oh, I ate way over points yesterday! You aren't alone there ;)

Your cookies look yummy!

Cammy said...

I love iced sugar cookies, and those look gorgeous!

I'd be curious to know if movie theaters were as crowded as they might have been last year. Blockbuster's was jammed, and I wonder if more folks stayed in this year.

Glad you enjoyed your day!

ani pesto said...

Aww those cookies are adorable. Belated Happy Valentines to you :-)