Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Checking in with Angel Food and a side of Vegetables

Time for HYC checkin already? sheesh!

I had a pretty good week of healthy eating, though I think I didn't lose anything! :P We'll see tomorrow morning. My nephew's bday was a lot of points, and so maybe I underestimated the total. Also, I used ALL my flex points and ALL my exercise points, too! I don't usually do that, so it left me with no margin for error, if you kwim? I usually like to give myself a little margin-for-error room!

In good HYC checkin news, I did work out last night after pledging to. I actually turned on the treadmill and did a walk/ run for 30 mins. Then I did a little exercise program from my Touch (I got for Christmas): the "Health Coach" App. It's kind of cute.

(The Nike Training one looks cool, too, for anyone with this funky and fun Ipod toy that I love.)

My angel food cake for dh's bday turned out well and was a hit all round. It wasn't super high- er tall (?), but it wasn't chewy or anything. I loved the hints of lemon and almond. It seemed to be getting pretty brown on the top, so I took it out over 5 mins early (before its called for 55 mins). I used my Cooking Light Complete Cookbook binder for the recipe- it even had step by step pictures and tips for baking an angel food cake, but you can find the recipe here. It's a pretty glorious cake for only 3 points a serving. I had mine with light Cool Whip and blueberries. (I took a bite before I took the picture, so you can see I dove right in.)

My other big fitness/health news is that I ordered an organic box of vegetables and fruits online from a local farmer's group and I picked up my first order tonight- woo hoo! It's been a dream of mine to do this after seeing my sis in TO's pickup ages ago. You can have them delivered to your door, too, but the site for pickup wasn't that far away and I worried about the veggies sitting out on my cold porch if I wasn't home when they delivered.

You bring your own bags. I partially filled about 3 of my cloth ones with a cool assortment of fruits and veggies. I'm very excited! I want to add more fruits and veggies to my diet and I thought this might make me try more of a variety, too. It all looked great. :)

One final note (bla bla bla, eh?): I have a new favourite drink at Starbucks: the London Fog Tea Latte. A grande with skim milk is 3 points! (I still love the Chai Latte, but this is a lower point nice change.)


blendergrl said...

Yum! I love angel food cake!

The veggies look fantastic.. I hope your picky family will be excited about all the new fruits and veggies as well :)

JanetM97 said...

lol! You DO read my blog! (and know what I deal with daily) :P YES! My thoughts EXACTLY! ;)

carla said...

Not sure why I havent thought about the angel in a while (and must be ready to eat as that looked GOOD)

now, why does angel food not make good cupcakes??

and why do I wanna try anyway? :)


new*me said...

all I can say is ...............yum to the tea and the cake :)

Cammy said...

I *love* angel food cake with fresh fruit...any kind of fruit. It's such a rich dessert, yet does know real damage. Perfect!

(Know what you mean about the "wiggle room". :))

SeaShore said...

That cake looks delectable! And with blueberries, too! Nom, nom, nom :)