Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy 2009- Belated and Plumpish! :)

I'm sorry I abandoned all of you during my gluttony of food and loafing about ( otherwise known as Christmas ). We did have a really nice holiday. I really wish, of course, that I'd stayed on plan better- I'd have felt better then and now. But I'm baaack on my regular schedule, boot camp and all, now....so here's hoping 2009 is a healthy one. :)

I did make a few Cooking Light recipes over the holiday including the two pictured above- one take by moi, the other by CL- can you guess which is which? ;)

The first was a beef tenderloin recipe from the December 2008 issue of Cooking Light- Beef Tenderloin with Port-Beach Plum Reduction. I made it as part of our New Year's Eve celebration. It was the last day of my mom's visit with us and she loved all the recipes I tried - refreshing change from the tough crowd of picky eaters whom I live with. lol. Anyway, everyone enjoyed the tenderloin, though dh made me put his in the microwave. The man doesn't enjoy a hint of pink. oy. ;)

It was an easy recipe to add to a menu. The only change I made was I used their recommended replacement red current jelly for the beach plum jelly which I couldn't find and I used the bottle of red wine that I'd opened for dinner for the port.

The somewhat sad looking french toast pictured above was from Christmas morning. I found it online here: Overnight Caramel French Toast I think I will make it again because it seemed like it SHOULD have been tastier (it still was pretty good, but not great), but failed due to chef error.

Chef error number 1: due to the pressure of gift opening rush from youngest daughter, I didn't set the timer and lost track of the time it was in the oven. I think it was undercooked. (oops!)

Chef error number 2: my bread slices were super big and there was no way I was fitting in their called for 10 slices. I couldn't find any packaged sliced pieces and my French bread stick was too huge (and my cut slices were too thick).

Anyway, I'll try it again on another special occasion (one without present pressure) and let you know how that goes. The layer of caramel that the toast sits on was quite delicious. :)

I signed up for one more session of boot camp. Our regular instructor left ( boo hoo! ), so I'm hoping the new leader runs an enjoyable class. ( He's not my favourite instructor. ) I am sore today following Monday's circuit though, and if I add some cardio back into my routine this week, I'll be less plump by the end of it.
Anyway, hope everyone had a happy new year and a great HYC checkin. :)


Lainie said...

Good to have you back! Here's a recipe I found today (was actually sent to me on Twitter--by one of the authors of the book, I think): http://www.mealmakeovermoms.com/recipes/breakfast/pumpkin-chocolate-chip-pancakes/ It looks yummy but healthy and I think I already have all the ingredients. I went ahead and ordered the book as well.

JanetM97 said...

ok. I posted a response to you, Lainie, but it's not here for some reason. Anywhoooo...what I said was "thanks for the recipe!" Sounds tasty... and Happy New Year! good to see you, too. :)

moonduster said...

Happy New Year!

Those ishes both look yummy, but I am another person who doesn't like a hint of pink in my meat. LOL!

SeaShore said...

The french toast sounds really good!

Most of us went off plan over the holidays to some extent. You're back on track, which is the main thing.

They say we should be less concerned with what we eat between Christmas and New Year's, and more concerned with what we eat between New Year's & Christmas, right?

JanetM97 said...

That is very true, Seashore! thanks for that! :)