Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Janet's version of the Taco Salad

Happy Snowy Wednesday! Not quite a Snow Day- it didn't start soon enough, but enough to be a headache and make the roads slippery around here. I plan to go and work out in my nice, warm basement after writing this. I got a few more exercise dvds from the library... we'll see! It's also a nice day to cozy up and read. ;)

Tonight I'm going to try a chicken recipe from The Most Decadent Diet recipe book. I thought I'd share a picture of last night's dinner- made with leftover chili (I used half a serving), complete with the feta cheese topped over greens and tomatoes from my organic veggie box and 10 tortilla chips from a huge Costco bag. The whole thing worked out to 5.5 points and it was very delicious.

Stay safe and warm, guys! :)


new*me said...

I love all versions of taco salad ;) even without chips can be great! Enjoy your cozy day indoors......stay safe if you venture out!

carla said...

cant wait for the chicken!
will we be told ahead of time what to defrost?

can you tell I have no plans yet for dinner up in herre? :)

Scale Junkie said...

I swear I wanted to reach in and steal that salad from the screen!

Stay safe in this weather!