Friday, January 23, 2009

The Joy of the Asian Pear

No recipe last night: left-over falafel (mmmm...) and a rushed evening of children activity AND bday shopping. My nephew Fin is 2 today! ( Happy Birthday, Fin! You cutie, you.) My dh has a bday on Monday ( should I bake a light cake? The man is crazy for angel food cake...I'd have to buy that angel food cake pan. hmmmm...) and eldest dd has a bday party on Saturday. At least there's no cake temptation for me on the Saturday party- unless I crash it or something. dd is now getting to the age of extreme parental embarrassment, so I don't think she'd approve.

Anyway, due to no recipe shareage AND no exercise shareage (still feeling crappy with flu-like symptoms), I thought I'd share my favourite ZERO point- yes, zero point, fruit: the Asian Pear. I bought some at Costco last night- amidst all the bday shopping. They are kind of pricey, but well worth it- for the occasional splurge anyway. They even come in their own little plastic suitcase, tenderly wrapped in cushy material. Very adorable overall, I say.

If you haven't had one before, it's kind of like eating crunchy water with a tiny tinge of flavour. Hard to describe the flavour actually- not really pear like or apple like. Kind of unique.

Anyway, I love them for when I'm feeling hungry, but I've already used up my points and some flex for the day, say, on bday cake or something. Good job I have them on hand this week, eh?


Karin said...

I want to like pears, I really do, but I can't get past the gritty taste. Tell me these don't have that texture and i'll be on my way to Costco to get some! I can always use a little more fruit :).

Happy birthday to Fin and of course an early birthday wish for Ken as well!

blendergrl said...

mmm. I love asian pear as well. Because they are O points I sometimes will melt a 100 cal chcolate bar and then did the pear slices. An indulgent 2 point snack!

Eagerly awaiting a picture of the 'healthy cake'!

new*me said...

never had an asian pear! sounds good though!

Cammy said...

LOVE the Asian Pear! Especially with a few slices of Havarti cheese. Yummeeee! *Almost* as good as bd cake, but let's not get silly.

Feel better, soon!

SeaShore said...

They are so refreshing! And zero points, eh? Hmmm, it's been a while since I had one, I'll have to visit CostCo!

JanetM97 said...

Thanks for the comments, ladies! and the intriguing Asian Pear side ideas. :D

Happy March said...

Oh I adore Asian pears! Not so big on western pears like Bartlett and whotnot, but Asian pears with their crisp flesh and subtle sweet taste! I could eat them by the pound.

My Costco sells them in packs of three, and those pears probably do weigh a pound each. I like to slice them up and then dip them in full cal creamy yogurt. Bliss!