Thursday, January 29, 2009

Potato Chip-Crusted Chicken

*Yawn* I SHOULD be in bed- new semester starts tomorrow (the world, she spins 'round quickly)- but I wanted to post a quick recipe review of last night's chicken before I turned in. It wasn't very good, sadly. I will post it here in case anyone else has better luck with it. I found another blogger who did a review of it back in the summer and she was kind enough to have typed out the recipe. Seems like she kind of blamed not liking it on pregnancy- but, let me tell you sister, my non-pregnant taste buds didn't like it much either.

At first it seemed like it was going to be good- the coating seemed to be crisping up nicely, just like in the picture. It wasn't really crispy in the end, though and tasted quite bland, too. I did skip the pinch of cayenne (I'm all out) and I found Baked! Lays, but not the Ruffles type. Maybe that made the difference? I also doubled the recipe. My piece doesn't look like it has much coating, but most of the pieces did look well covered- and the chips did stay on both sides. That part worked out well, anyway. ;)
All in all, it was edible, but no party in your mouth. dh thought it was "ok". The kids didn't like it much at all.
Thanks for the comments yesterday, girls! And hope you found some OTHER, better chicken recipe for dinner, MizFit. :)


new*me said...

whatever the kids don't like, you can send my way ;)

Cammy said...

some ideas are good in theory, but they don't actualize so nicely. :)

Have a great weekend!