Friday, May 9, 2008

At least I only had one...

I had a work party after school today (for one of our secretaries who got married recently in Vegas). Anyway, it was a lot of fun, but of course there was all the bar food there and I'd "paid" an admission to have some. Besides the whole, I paid and this is my dinner thing, something about having a drink or two does weaken one's resistance to greasy food, eh?!

Anyway, I was pretty good overall and could have been way worse. I discovered a new, flavourful beer, Rickards White- not that I'm a beer expert or anything. They serve it with a slice of orange. It made me think of summer coming. *sigh* (though maybe NOT of being seen in a bathing suit ;))

For the food, they were, of course, serving the usual pub grub. I did manage to fill my plate with a lot of fresh veggies ( yeah for raw veggies being a part of pub menu) , but I also took one chicken wing, a mini spring roll, a couple mini somethings and a couple slivers of thin crust pizza (they cut these super thin). I thought the chicken wing was 4 points. Can you believe one of those suckers is 6 points?! Hard to believe how many a person can "normally" eat of them, eh? (a lot of my co-workers had mounds of them- har. just kidding! kinda! ;))

Anyway, I'm way over my daily points now (and dipped into the flex), but I'm feeling good about my will power. I am going running/ doing stairwork tomorrow morning with one of my running partners. I'd do something tonight, but the beer has made me sleepy. So footnote: new beer flavourfully fruity, but= bad. water=good

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Angel & Cindy said...

oh man I LOVE wings. When I was on the Somersizing way of eating I could eat as many as I wanted ..and I DID.. I lost 25 lbs that way :)