Monday, May 19, 2008

Wii Fit arrives tomorrow!

I got a message on my answering machine that the Wii Fit is available for pick up on Tuesday! (a little birdie asked me the other day if I knew about it coming out...the answer is YES!) Ever since my friend Karin mentioned that it was coming out I've been looking forward to it. Plus, I've been getting all the Nintendo emails (dork, I know), picking up pamphlets, reading reviews and getting more excited.

Why I'm excited about it?

(1) I love anything that seems like it might spice up my exercise routine. Boredom is the enemy.

(2) I'd like to incorporate some yoga moves into my workouts since my core muscles are what I REALLY need to work. I feel like I'm so much less flexible than I used to be AND I'd like to work on my balance. I'm very tippy when stretching out the quad muscle. kwim?

(3) I like that it has the BMI built in and shows your progression (hopefully) in decreasing your numbers. That is likely to keep me working at it.

(4) I'd like to work at improving pushups (I'm terrible at them) and adding other strength moves into my workout and this "game" has a section on that.

(5) It looks like a step and I'm all about the step aerobics.

(6) I also love to shop. I admit it: I'm a shopper. It's new and shiny and I'd like to own it. ;)

What I'm concerned about.

(1) Ok, you know you're getting old when you are worrying about your feet, BUT I don't like working out without my shoes on and all the pics and videos with this board show people without their shoes on. I feel ok about doing the yoga parts without, but anything impact-y, I need my shoes! (I do Dance Rev with my shoes on, btw.)

(2) I'm not sure about how accurate the BMI stuff will be (if it can ever be accurate anyway outside a huge lab with tubs of water- possibly in outer space- that apparently, accurately measure your BMI rate) ...and will the scale be accurate? Seems crazy that something from a video store could be. (I guess at least all the ww people will "know" where they are from their usual wi, but it will bug me if the numbers are really off...unless they are lower than my calculations. har.)

(3) I also do not want my kids stressing about their weight and body fat percentages. (Our local paper just did an article on the Wii Fit in this regard.) My kids will want to play it though. I wonder if you can play without registering your weight/bmi results? Hopefully!

I'll post and lyk how I like the Wii Fit after I try it out! Gotta love a new toy! :)


cdndyme said...

wow - you have really thought about this.
Well, if the Wii stats are off - ignore them! You KNOW where you are... the average person doesn't.
As for your kids... GOOD MAMA! tell them it is more important to be happy, healthy and active. This is just a fun way to do that. Encourage and reinforce how wonderful they are, and they will be just fine.
When I entered the BBW World my body was reinforced for just who I was. That gave me enough confidence to get healthy. I just learned to love myself enough to do it.
Your kids will feel that love and support too, for just who they are!
Enjoy the wii fit and let me know how it is. I would consider buying my first Nintendo in 15 years if it is good. ;-)

JanetM97 said...

lol! yes, I have thought about it, eh?! I totally get into fitness stuff, sometimes... I'm a geek, plus there's the whole shopping "thang!"

...about the kids, I try not to make a huge deal about being on ww and I try to avoid the word "diet," but of course they notice me tracking points and stuff. I just don't want them to stress about their weight (but be healthy and active, of course). Kinda unavoidable in our society though.

cool about the BBW World, btw! and thanks for explaining it earlier! :)