Saturday, May 24, 2008

Why it's good to have a running partner

...what else would motivate you to get out of bed just after 7 am on a Saturday morning, when your bed is oh! so cozy and your dh is looking so comfy and your bed (as your Maritime dh, king of expressions would say) is "delicious?" Not too much is my answer- other than a running partner, who is ALWAYS on time, waiting for you and the foot of some very steep stairs (which we do as part of our workout).
When I get my mind set on my fitness goals, I am pretty good about getting activities in my schedule, but only friends get me going at a certain "hard-to-get-going" times and make it all a little less painful. So yeah for good running partners!
It's really nice out there today in Southern Ontario. Hope everyone is getting out for some good APs and fresh air.

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