Monday, May 26, 2008

Vegetarian Pad Thai

mmmmmmmmmmmm...Pad Thai! I made this Pad Thai recipe last night. It's in the Cooking Light Complete Cookbook (that I bought at Costco). It was very good- even dh really liked it, though the tots were not "sold." It works out to 7 points for a fairly hefty serving. I was tempted to sprinkled more than the recommended 1 tsp of peanuts on top of my serving, so save points for extra peanuts if you are inclined. They are the best part, imho. ;)

I'm going to try more ethnic dishes like this at home now and again. It's cool to shake things up from my usual chicken choices. I haven't had tofu in a very long time and it was very enjoyable in this tasty dish.


blendergrl said...

I love pad thai too! I add some prawns or shrip - they are really low on points and so good for you!

JanetM97 said...

Hey Blendergirl! :) I love shrimp, too! I also like pad thai with chicken. The tofu was very good though. I'll have to have it again. :)