Sunday, May 25, 2008

Saturday Night's All Right for Eating

We had a delicious dinner last night. I found this recipe for Cedar Plank salmon (we bought salmon at Costco and had planks left over from last summer) on the Cooking Light site. The salmon comes with a salsa side- "Avocado-Orange Salsa" that is super tasty, too. I didn't have the red pepper, so picture mine without the red bits. I also did asparagus on the side, but did my usual CL recipe that involves marinating the asparagus in soya sauce, balsamic vinegar, olive oil and lemon juice. I heart grilled asparagus!
The fat on this dish is high, what with the salmon and avocado, but it's mainly the healthy fats (of the fat, the sat fat is 4.2g). It worked out to 10 points, so not bad for a really tasty Saturday night eating!
In other news, today my legs are tired and sore from all the exercise I've been putting them through. (Good job I fed them salmon last night.) I want them to do more today. It's such a nice day out there and next weekend I'll be sitting around scrapbooking at a convention. They can rest then, right? Have a great day, everyone!

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blendergrl said...

Salmon is high in points but as my WW leader says if you are going to have something high in fat there is nothing better for you than Salmon. Looks delicious!