Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Mother's Wall on Mother's Day and exercise

Happy Mother's Day to any mothers reading this (and anyone having a mother)! :) We are getting ready to go out for a Mother's Day brunch. I plan to not use all my points in one sitting- lol. Pancakes, perhaps? Then maybe an afternoon round of Dance Revolution or a walk or (if I have a lot of maple syrup, a run.) Kidding! kind of.

I know there are people who get offended by people who seem to work out strictly to earn APs. I exercise for a number of reasons: I enjoy it (mostly), love the difference it makes on how my body looks and how I feel, I love my proud feeling of accomplishment and I love getting together with friends when working out- BUT I don't think it matters why you work out, if it's getting you moving and being more healthy. Hopefully it will start an exercise habit and build up confidence and a love (or at least a liking) for your body shape NOW. kwim? Exercise helps you love your body a little more, I think. What with its ability to walk over to the sofa after all you put it through with that workout. ;)

A note for my mother in spirit (as she doesn't have a link to this blog): Happy Mother's Day, Mom! Thanks for never worrying about your weight in front of us. Thanks for all the freshly grown vegetables (that I sometimes hid, but that's not your fault!) and healthy, home-cooked meals. Thanks for never obsessing about food and making wonderful cookies. Thanks for always making us feel loved. Thanks for your colourful wall of pictures.

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