Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Working out for rewards and with my Children

I was just posting about my love of Lululemon workout clothes as a "reward" for good AP work and weight loss, so I thought I'd add a pic of one of my favourite workout tops/bras by Lululemon.

Lululemon stuff is so comfy and flattering. It isn't cheap, but it washes and wears so well, that their clothes survive many, many washings and look good. This top (pictured below) is nice since it flatters the pear shaped woman (such as myself) and flows away from the belly (muffin top area- lol) at the bottom. When I teach my Girl's Fitness step class at school, I wear a cool max t-shirt over this kind of top. I like the belly coverage that this layered look adds- when confronted with facing uber-skinny teens- if you kwim. ;P It still flatters the shape (even layered with a cool max tee) more than those super large t-shirts we all own.

Thanks to Wendy for her fitness tip about family workouts! I am definitely trying to do those more and want to find fun stuff to do together. I've been playing Dance Revolution with my daughters (we bought 2 mats) and we've been bike riding together lately. One thing about working out with them though- though they have boundless energy at times, kids can't getting into the "longer workout". kwim?

On our super long hike through the woods and downtown last weekend, the only thing that was keeping my youngest daughter (who insisted on coming) going (marginally) was the promise of Tim Hortons as the halfway point. lol. We ended up having to call my husband to pick us up cause there was no way she was making it all the way home. He kept calling himself "our hero." :P Next time we'll make it a shorter distance or I'll go back to the run/walk alongside their bikes. They are sweet about "waiting" for me when we do that.

On a final note, my wi day is today and I'm down 1.5 pounds for the week. Woo hoo! :)


cdndyme said...

WHOOOHOOOOO 1.5 pounds is GREAT.
I hope the family time/workouts work for you (and your family).
Sometimes I wish I had kids so that I could have someone to go out for walks with. I'm just not inspired to walk alone (unless I am at the gym).
Keep up the good work!

JanetM97 said...

Ya, the group fitness works best for me, too. I need to have someone waiting for me to show up. lol. (why I started teaching aerobics)

Ever join a running clinic? That was the only thing that ever got me running: my run/walk club.