Friday, May 16, 2008

TGIF and the Fattoush Salad (with a side o' Falafel)

Happy Long weekend everyone! *sigh* Isn't Friday the happiest of long weekend days? with it all still in front of you and endless seeming? :)

I had take-out today at lunch. I looked up the points before ordering and took the higher "estimates" from the food tracker points listed, cause, hey! who does their salads and stuff the same when it comes to mom and pop restaurants? We have an amazing Lebanese restaurant near where I work and sometimes on Fridays we run over there for a quick lunch or do takeout. I LOVE their Fattoush Salad. It's so fresh and delicious. It looks a bit different from the one pictured here as everything is cut up more and theirs has stuff like cauliflower and more herb sprinklings. I love the lemony, olive oil dressing and the pita crisps (of course the most fattening part is the stuff I love best!) The falafel that came with the lunch special was very good, too.

The whole deal wasn't low pointswise, but that's what I like about WW. You can plan for it, count it and happily move along. A few of my co-workers are doing a wacky starvation diet right now. Think they could get a falafel with fattoush? no, I tell you! They only get dizzy heads on their starvation menu. Me, I'm dining internationally! ;)

Sidenote: I've been thinking of cooking more with beans, chickpeas (as in the falafel) and stuff. I hardly ever do that. Must look up some recipes...! and earn some APs- I'm still full from lunch! :)


cdndyme said...

Silly people. My mom is a big fan of the crazy starvation diets too. I like my food far to much to give it up. LOL
Glad you enjoyed your lunch.
I went out for Thai Food the other day. I thought it would be good for me.... it so wasn't. I earned 9 AP's that day though so I was still able to eat dinner.

JanetM97 said...

lol. I went out for a looooooong walk with a friend and her new baby (and her dh). Earned 4 APs with some hustling along.

p.s. I love Thai food, too! I took a cooking demo class last year (on Thai food) and their rice paper wraps were really points friendly. I'll have to do them again.