Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Packing Light

I'm feeling the pressure of waiting for a delivery guy, needing to get a school project done, my children fed, get a workout in and do some last minute shopping and packing for my trip tomorrow. I wish I was better organized at this point, but it will all be done (or forgotten about) in the end, eh? *insert deep calming breath here.*
Anyone else have a hard time packing light for a trip? I'm only going for two days, but I always worry that I will desperately need that extra outfit- that the packed pants will feel too tight and I'll want my other ones, that I might want to work out in the hotel gym (har!) and should take workout clothes- which leads to extra footwear, sports bras, etc. etc. ugh!

Anyway, I'm trying to maintain control, pack light AND pack some light snacks to counteract all that American restaurant eating. Instead of a gym workout (which we won't have time for anyway), I'm planning on doing some walking- at least a block or so for Starbucks coffee, restaurants and our hotel. After only a half pound loss this week, I'm hoping not to gain over my two days away, as I'm nearing the end of May and my May goal of reaching the 160s.

I AM looking forward to a weekend away with girlfriends, some scrapbooking and some US shopping- including some good ww snacks that you can't get here! See you all in 2 days!

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cdndyme said...

I'm a sales rep and a shopaholic. I have learned how to pack enough clothes for 5 days into a small carry-on bag. place all your clothes flat into a pile and then fold them together. They pack down really well. I have friends that roll their clothes together like a sleeping bag, but I am always afraid they will wrinkle.
Enjoy your trip! Take a few mall walks ;-) that should get in a good mile!