Sunday, May 4, 2008

Getting Cooking

One of my goals for this time on WW, is to try more recipes. I definitely find that if I take the time to make meals rather than heat and serve, I (a) enjoy my food/points more, (b) stay on track so much better AND (c) feel proud of myself and stuff. I find it hard through the busy week to get motivated to do this though and I end up doing the same "quick" dinners. Anyway, I'm going to try to get better on planning on meals and TRY to do more through the week, too.

Yesterday, I bought the new Cooking Light and the new Cooking Light Complete Cookbook. The Complete one is in a jazzy binder and has a Dinner Tonight bonus cd in the cover. (Warning: I am a cookbook junkie.) I'd been contemplating getting it at Coles, but it was almost $40. Yesterday I found it at Costco for almost half of that. Today, my goal is to try something for dinner. (I will post the results tomorrow.)
My other goal for the day is to get outside and move. I got a new, shiny red bike for an early Mother's Day gift, so I plan to do that this afternoon OR go for a run/walk alongside the girls riding their bikes. :o)

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cdndyme said...

I would love to hear any recipes that you try. I'm always looking for new ideas, although I do LOVE easy cooking. LOL