Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wii Fit Day One

Ok-DAY ONE of the Wii Fit Program...the message from EB Games was WRONG the other day- it wasn't available for pick up until today. So, after being disappointed yesterday *sob*, I did get to pick it up today after work and since my running partner cancelled on me (it WAS pretty cold and yucky out), I got to check it out (with only minor interruptions from my family)!
First of all, my favourite part is the personalized weight measurements/ BMI stuff. I think it will be motivating to see a progression (hopefully) on the screen. The scale is actually in line with my scale I've been using, too. You can also put a little password on your Mii, to hide your weight and stuff from prying minds (who would tell all their friends, cause weight is interesting to them and not embarrassing, as it is to big people.) :D It's also amusing that your Mii gets chubbier (or skinnier) based on your BMI results. Mine suddenly got wider hips. Sorry little Mii! ;)
I did all the available activities. ((In a nutshell...)) I enjoyed the running part. The screen makes it look like you are running by stuff, etc. I wonder if you could do it while on the treadmill (as opposed to running on the spot)? hmmmmmmm...that might be cool. lol. The running part was pretty short, but it probably gets longer as you go along? or maybe I have to adjust it. (I didn't notice.) The skiing made me dizzy. I'm easily made dizzy by video games though. It's a curse. (Amusement parks make me dizzy, too.)
The yoga was very cool, as was the strength training part- you feel like you are getting a good leg workout. kwim? Some were doable, some I wasn't so hot at. I also like how more exercises open up as you progress. All in all, I'm going to see if I can follow it to goal. (or at least finish the 2 weeks programmed in and then take it from there.)
In other weight loss news, I was down another 2 pounds this week- woo hoo! I'm hoping to see the "60s" before month's end. I think I might be able to do it...


cdndyme said...

I am so interested in the Wii now that it has fit. Maybe an exercise tape would be cheaper though LOL
I use to do Yoga Plus (for big girls) but they couldn't keep up attendance and had to close *so sad* so I like the idea of doing yoga at home.
So glad you got it and that the scale is accurate.
I think it is hilarious that the hips got bigger on your mii. hehehe I would LOVE to see what my Mii would look like.
Good job on the 2 pounds!!!!!!!!

blendergrl said...

I got mine today as well and loved it. My poor little Mii definately got chubbier but I cant wait to see her start to shrink. The Hula Hoop was my favourite and after 20 min of that I was sweating like crazy!