Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Feeling Tired and Favourite Snacks

One of my biggest blocks to getting in workouts is feeling tired. Anyone with me on that? Isn't it so easy to settle into a sitting/horizontal/passed out (assuming I don't have anything on the schedule for after school) position after work and not get up?! Anywhoooooooo...I'm pledging to do SOMETHING to get the heart rate up after supper tonight. I'd like to start setting AP weekly goals. (I'll have to investigate that later- maybe on our ww group blogs?- and pick a goal that sounds right.)

I'm also all about the snack rewards- especially to fuel the upcoming large AP weekly goals. These are some of my current favourites:

*Cravings mini cheesecake cups from Zarky's (only 1 point! woo hoo)
*BBQ rice cakes (8 for 1 point)
*Cadbury Thins (I have a box of the Almond ones from Costco- so good!)
*Chapman's frozen yogurt (cappucino is definitely my favorite. I get mine at the A&P)
*various types of Thinsations cookies and crackers (for when you feel like a cookie...)
*Skinny Cow sandwiches and sundae cups (They lost the transfat I just discovered!)

I also like to have a cup of herbal tea as part of the snack- to make me stop eating during my snackiest time period (mid- evening). It's usually enough to make me feel satisfied or calm enough to get a hold of mysef (before I fall face first into mindless eating).

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cdndyme said...

in regards to weekly AP's... have you thought about setting up a weekly Activity Outing with your family? Make it a planned thing like 'Every Weds we go for a walk/bike ride/swim together.
That way it's a family commitment (which will encourage a healthy lifestyle for everyone) plus you get to spend some good quality time with your family.
It's like killing THREE birds with one stone.
It might keep you motivated to do it too (moms have a tendency to be selfless... if you are thinking about doing it for your family I am sure you will stick with it)
Good luck with the AP's