Sunday, June 1, 2008

Yippee for New American Snacks!

Well, I survived my weekend with the girls (very fun) and was able to pick up some low point snacks. The other girls were not really into going to a grocery store and at one point one of them was following me around asking me questions about what I was getting (and pointedly not picking up anything herself), but I persevered and moved quickly down the snack aisle!

There wasn't the greatest selection, I should have picked up more at Target, I didn't have a cooler bag (I was already toting too much scrapping stuff), BUT I am happy with the new stuff that I did get. I'll have to go over for a grocery run at some point and just pay the duty.

Anyway, the snacks that I tried thus far (last night with a frozen pina colada which may or may not have influenced my judgement): Pringles Baked Wheat Stix with the Honey Butter flavouring and Reese's Snacksters Peanut Butter. I really liked them both. The Stix (2 points) come as shown in the picture above and have a sweet, buttery taste that I really enjoyed (though it might be too sweet for some people). I also liked how long this snack took to eat. kwim? There are so many little sticks in there (or should I say stix? :P) that take, like 3 bites each if you are nibbling.

I really liked the Reese's Snacksters, too, cause I'm all about the pb flavour. They also come in a little bag with multiple pieces and seem to last a long time, too.

I know some people aren't into the processed, package snacks and I like healthy (and unhealthy) home cooking, too, but sometimes a tasty, store bought snack is just what the pound-dropping lady needs to feel joyful. So yeah for my new US snack stash! :)


cdndyme said...

mmmmm I must find the Reese snacks next time I am down there. I love (and miss) PB.
I agree about snacks and processed foods. If it weren't for the low points snacks, I may have fell off the WW wagon a long time ago.
I'm glad you had a good trip.
I have never been dutied on groceries for a day trip. In fact when I say "groceries" they just wave me through. I think the duties are just too low on food and for the time it takes it is just not worth it for them.
welcome home.

JanetM97 said...

Thanks Wendy! :) I saw the low fat Hostess snack cakes you recommended at Target and should have bought them there, cause they weren't at the grocery store. So aggravating! :(

cdndyme said...

oh no!
I love those things... last time I went I bought 5 boxes of them at Wal-Mart. They are $3.00 there vs the $4.19 everywhere else I see them. Plus at the grocery store I go to they only carry like 2 styles.
Well... next time.
They are so nummy, I took a few packs to the zoo yesterday and my friend loved them too. She was surprised they were "diet food" lol