Friday, June 27, 2008

ah summah!

Ok, my first morning of holiday is kinda non-weight watcherish and unproductive. Not in terms of breakfast (had my usual cereal and skim milk- sans fruit cause I NEED to get groceries- *note: non-productive), but in terms of it being noon and I'm still in my pjs. oops! I'm not even feeling rested and sprightly cause one of my "friends" called me this morning and woke me up. I didn't then spring out of bed and promptly start exercising, partly as I stayed up late last night watching a video (definitely, maybe which was good btw). It's an evil-unproducted cycle of lazy, my first day of holiday.

Anyway, I'm thinking I'll get dressed and go for a walk or a bike ride? or at least go and buy groceries so I can actually make something healthy later? I did, at least- during a quick run for milk last night- buy stuff for a non-fat yogurt smoothie. Maybe I'll have that for lunch and make my day more weigh watcherish.

We are taking the girls to their first drive-in movie later tonight! I SHOULD, therefore, be less lazy and make a healthy dinner to have before all the movie snacking. Anyone with tips on what you bring to the movies? when you're being good that is? (I got the high fat movie snacks down- pat and don't need tips on that.)


cdndyme said...

I haven't been to a movie since joining WW's so I can't help you there....
ENJOY your first day on Vacation. shheeeesssshhhhh make the hubby pick up food and make dinner. You deserve one day of doing NADDA.

Happy Jammie Jam!

JanetM97 said...

lol on my dh making dinner! He's good in other household work depts, but in food preparation, not so much. He can open a mean bag of chips however. ;)

I'm in my pjs again and it's getting late!!!! (did I mention that I love summer?)

Cammy said...

I think your first day of vacation started splendidly!

You've given me a great idea, btw! I haven't been going to the movies because I can't withstand the allure of the popcorn. But if I went to the *drive-in*, I could pack a healthy snack (dinner even!) and be okay. Thanks for the tip!