Saturday, June 21, 2008

Putting down the fork

or at least using it to gingerly dip into the gazillion point dressing. I haven't really cooked for a number of days (or, sadly, exercised) but I did make some good choices in a room of tough choices, so I'll take that and move on.
I had a really good salad out at Jack Astor's for lunch yesterday called Chopsticks Chicken Salad. It wasn't too bad pointwise as I had the dressing on the side and they forgot the candied, spicy pecans- until I noticed most of the way through the salad and, of course, requested them- lol. Anyway, they were on the side then in a little dish, so I could better account for how many I added (and then stuff the rest in my purse for another day). They were spicy AND delicious, btw. (sidenote: I did a Cooking Light recipe with candied nuts awhile back that remind me of these. I'll have to look it up to do again.)
The rest of the salad was greens and veggie items, grilled chicken, sundried cranberries, and fried wontons. (They did have the points (2) in the online calculator for the fried wontons, though they were from a specific company, so who knows if that was accurate? The salad didn't have a ton of them or the cranberries for that matter. The sometime skimpiness of restaurants helps in the weightloss dept, eh?)
For the salad dressing I did that old WW trick of dipping the fork into the dressing and then spearing the forkful of salad. You do use a ton less dressing this way (like it looked like none was gone), but you get the full flavour (it seemed anyway) of the dressing without it being sopping with dressing.
In exercise news, I did not go on my Saturday run this morning because my running partner (subject of a prior blog entry) broke her foot tripping over one of her teenage daughter's shoes left out where she'd told her a milllion times not to leave them: just inside the door to the garage. Anyway, poor rp has a broken foot and poor me has one less person to drag me out to exercise. (Yes, I know, most of the pity should go to poor rp. It's not all about me and my muffin top, eh?)
Anyway, I pledge to exercise sometime before we leave for younger dd's dance recital. Though it's raining out AND my house is messy. Have a great weekend, everyone and heal fast rp! (for yourself and your own welfare, not mine. ..really.)

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