Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Problem with June too many work related parties and functions! (though I can never, really hate June for all its other loveliness of features- including the sunshine, the flipflop weather, the bbqs, the approaching (YEAH) holiday, etc. etc.)

Anyway, I haven't posted for awhile and this is just a quickie as we are about to go out for a Father's Day brunch- I'm thinking pancakes maybe? I was over my points yesterday- sheerly by alcohol consumption, if the WW online tracker is correct.

I was at a 40th bday party that involved a bonfire and while I didn't eat the (a) sausages (not a hardship for me, I don't really love them) (b)s'mores (I was going to, but was inside when they cracked them out) (c) bday cake or (d) slab pizza, and I did eat the (e) veggies on the platters, I did also drink the cosmopolitans that I brought with me. I bought the premixed canned stuff that you can buy at the liquor store and brought acrylic martini glasses so I could share. Anywhooooo...a couple friends who were supposed to come late to the party, didn't, so I drank quite a few (2 and a half?!) myself.

The trouble with the mixed cocktail that tastes enjoyable is that you don't notice how strong it is as it is easy to drink much like Koolaid. Plus, when one is dieting, one's resistance to alcohol is a little down, so I was a little head spinny getting ready for bed- just minorly, but still, not good.

Anyway, another part of the problem was that I was doing a scrapbook for the bday girl AND decided to do it pretty much last minute, so I had no time for dinner preparation for the family and dh had to go out to the WEndy's drivethru last night. He got me the Chicken Mandarin Salad and didn't double check that they packed everything and they left out all the good stuff that I eat and add to the points (the noodles or the almonds- I usually add half of the almonds). Sooooooo...I didn't eat enough actual food yesterday. I was actually down a couple of pounds this a.m. but I'm not going to switch over to the Alcoholics version of WW anytime soon. The head spins are a killer afterall. ;)

have a Happy Father's Day everyone. Will, hopefully, post a new recipe later (though I'm not promising!)


Mama Bear June said...

Well, not sure I like the title of your post. ;-) Congrats on the loss. Make sure to drink plenty of water to flush the alcohol out your system. :-)
Path to Health

JanetM97 said...

ummmm...sorry June! Never thought about people named June when I made that title! lol.

thanks for the water drinking tip! Good thought! :)

cdndyme said...

I think June (the month that is) will be my downfall too.
Way too much happening. Way too many of us crazy Gemini's who love to eat too!!
I had a hard time avoiding the foods I really wanted to eat this weekend. It was a rough one. On top of my birthday it was also fathers day and I took Dave out for Brunch as his daughter lives in Colorado and can't do it for him. :-)
Oh well here's hoping the end of June will be better for us.