Monday, June 2, 2008

a Chocolatey Mint snack

I tried a couple more snacks from my US goodie stash today. The Quaker Mini Delights in the flavour chocolate- mint were quite delicious. I had mine with herbal tea after the kids were in bed. Anyone else have the evening herbal tea to stop the mindless evening snacking? It makes me feel like I'm having something especially good for when I don't want to spend any more points.

The other snack was a Special K Bliss bar which I took to work. It was chocolate raspberry and pretty ok. I'll have to give it another try on an other day. I didn't instantly love it like the fiber 1 bars I found at the A& P for example.

I also made it out for a run/walk today, after everyone left for various activities. It was so nice out, I felt too bad about retreating to the basement for a workout, so I donned shorts and headed out. I ran 2 lightposts and walked 1 for a good interval training run. I'm not in great running condition currently, but I feel myself getting stronger. :) I finished off with a brief round of Wii Fit yoga. I'm still super wobbly at the Tree Position, but I'm working on it.


cdndyme said...

mmmmm - I haven't tried the Quaker snacks yet, I have a fear of them for some really odd reason.
Crazy I know... I just think of rice cakes from my hippy childhood. SO BORING
Way to go on the interval training, you will be running that marathon in no time if you keep that up!

cdndyme said...

and YES, I love love love my herbal and earl grey tea.
Both are freebies and make me feel very satisfied.
My problem has been the EG Tea, I love a teaspoon on sugar in it and I am not big on actually buying aspertame. So Peppermint tea is better for me cause it is naturally sweet.
Plus, it just makes me feel all cozy. Tea is one of my all-time favorite "comfort foods"

blendergrl said...

I am amazed at how my endurance has improved in such a short time.. good job on your jogging!

JanetM97 said...

Thanks girls! lol on the rice cake comment! you should definitely try them- although the with the big bags, it's hard to stop eating them. They're like chips in that way, though way better on the points. The bbq mini ones that you can get here are my favourites with the sour cream and onion as a close second. Definitely try them!