Tuesday, June 17, 2008

a recap of the diet- er, healthy lifestyle thus far...

since this is Tuesday, which is check in day and I'm not sure what state I'll be in after the field trip with eldest dd to a water park for the day (if I'll have the energy or wherewithal to try a new recipe and post or do anything that doesn't involve a drivethru), I thought I'd post a recap of the weight loss journey thus far. (Doesn't the way reality shows bandy about the word "journey" all the time really irritate you? If not- and you LOVE the word journey used for all kinds of artificially staged ventures, a large "never mind!")

Anyway, overall I'm feeling great about my "journey" (har) and am not feeling deprived in any way. My exercise routine needs a kick start, so I told a friend that I'd do the boot camp that she's organizing for this summer. I've done it before and it's brutal in the best sense of the word. There are 2 main instructors that we work with and they really push you to go past your exercise limits- which is good for me, cause I have the tendency to be lazy and only go to the point where I FEEL like I can't go any further, not to the point that I'm about to have a heart attack. kidding! kind of...

They do studio work some days where you do half circuit and half floor exercises and then they do cardio days (the most brutal part) where you do a gazillion stairs and hill repeats. (again, way more than I'd ever do on my own, of course.) They take your measurements before and after the boot camp, so it's inspiring in that way, too.

Lately, (as the boot camp doesn't start till July) I've been enjoying DDR (Dance, Dance Revolution) quite a bit for a fun workout where you don't notice that you're exercising, but you are sweating buckets. I'm trying to get a passing grade on all the songs on beginner and basic. Goals seem to work with me in general and the game aspect makes me keep going. Last night, for example, I did it for an hour and I had to keep calling dh upstairs for the time as I had other things to do (and didn't have my watch on). Very annoying to him, I'm sure, but good proof that time passes quickly when doing exercise that you like, eh?

In between songs, cause DDR has this whole scoring/saving the score aspect, I try to keep moving with hamstring curls or kicks. (Yes, I'm sure I look like a dork, but I'm in my own basement getting my groove on, so it's all good.) I gauge it an an intermediate workout for the online exercis-o-meter @ ww.com

In the food department, I feel like I've been eating healthier and- overall- eating more interesting meals than usual, so hopefully this continues. The last WW newsletter from the Canadian site seemed to have some good recipes, I might try something there this week and post. Tomorrow is my wi and I expect to see about a 1.5-2 pound loss judging by my peeking this week. (Knock on wood.) :) I'd like to see the 150s by mid July if possible. Have a good day!


Melzie said...

Enjoy the field trip!!

Boot Camp-- I've always wante dto try one of those. :)

cdndyme said...

Hope you get a few minutes for yourself today.
That boot camp sounds brutal (in any sense of the word - lol).
Good luck with WI tomorrow!!!!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you are doing great so far!

Cammy said...

You know, I was rather fond of the word 'journey' until I saw the word 'adventure' in your sidebar. Now, I'm converted. :)

Keep up the great work! You're doing some awesome stuff here!

JanetM97 said...

Thanks for the comments! I did have a good wi today (1.5 pounds off- thanks for the good vibes!)

and rotfl at the "adventure" comment, Cammy! too true!

Anyway, we deserve the use of any da*mn words we want (Unlike the Bachelor) cause we really ARE working our butts off here! right? on this weight loss journey/ adventure, I mean! ;)