Wednesday, June 25, 2008

the day after

The wi the day after the bbq, that is- was a good one. I lost 2.5 pounds- YEAH! (I got the "losing too fast" lecture from the online tracker. I really am not though. I had dipped down the previous week before wi and then went up a bit, so I was probably down more last week than showed on the scale. kwim? So it's revealing the extra bit this week, putting me over 2. I've not lost more than 2 pounds since the beginning and it's been usually 1 or 1.5, it seems.)

The bbq was very fun. I took my camera to take pictures of a couple people leaving our workplace- who didn't come!- so I got a lot of crazy pictures instead. Drunk people kept borrowing my camera. lol. I scored some very minor APs golfing (badly) and dancing to some disco numbers when some dancing broke out.

I actually stayed within my points with a Licks veggie burger and Mike's low point lemonade cooler (2pts). I avoided the donuts and chips and had the veggies and dip. So overall, it was an OP day- just low on the calcium and water.

Hope the rest of my Wednesday wi buds had a good wi! I know a certain someone lost over 3- woo hoo for her!


cdndyme said...

woooohoooo for YOU!
I have decided to ignore the WW Trackers *WARNINGS* about being over. I have had only 0.2 & 0.4 losses for 3 weeks. I was DUE for a good loss. LOL
I am so proud of you!
Way to keep within points at the BBQ. Gotta love when hosts think light too!
Since the majority of my friends are large I rarely get the light options.
love the drunken pics! lol - I always love the ceiling pics. LOL at least you get to see parts of someone.

blendergrl said...

Nice loss this week! Great job with the BBQ - I have been avoiding alcohol completely for the past few months but I will definately be looking for those coolers this weekend! Do they taste as good as the real thing?

JanetM97 said...

Hey girls! :) Thanks for the kudos! The light coolers weren't bad, ya know. They tasted like I remember the regular lemonade ones tasting, so if you liked the reg Mike's ones...

Avoiding alcohol IS a good weight loss idea, but nothing says holiday like a nice cold drink while kicking back and reading in the shade. I'm just saying! ;)