Thursday, June 5, 2008

If you enjoy Whoppers...

of the chocolate kind (remember those snacks filled with some kind of a malt candy?), you will enjoy the next snack up in my long list of Buffalo purCHASES, the Oreo Candy Bite. I really liked them (though my 7 year old thought they were gross). Isn't that just like the actual old Whopper candy? People either like them or hate them? I remember that from my own childhood candy memories with my sisters.
Anyway, these bites are filled with a cookie flavoured crunchy centre- instead of melt in your mouth malt candy- and covered with a candy coating. What's not to love for 2 points?! I'd definitely get them again. (My shopping list is getting quite long, eh?) I think I like snacks best that come in little bits: you can make them last if you are determined enough.
In exercise news, I got out for a brisk walk down to the harbour today at lunch with a friend (for about 30 mins?), but I'm way too tired to work out tonight. I was up too late last night, in part reading the new Stephanie Meyer book "The Host." It's hard to put down. :) I also seem to have pulled a muscle. It's in an unusual place behind my left knee. It's been bugging me for a few days now, so tonight will be my night off exercise. night!

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