Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Dance Off with Mr.Salty

Continuing in the series of US snack entries, I tried another new snack food tonight- the one I was MOST anxious to find after seeing its Bee-YOU-tuh-full picture in a glossy magazine ad- Mister Salty's chocolate covered pretzels. Can I just say, mmmmmmmmmmm! delicious!
I actually bought 2 boxes in the US, but now I must hide them from my children and hope that they forget they ever saw them. (dh let them stay up until I came home on Saturday night and they watched- and helped- me unpack the "goods." Anyway, the apple does not fall far from the tree as they say, and my children looked as deliriously happy as me at the bounty of snack items that their mother brought home and they both commented on the loveliness of the Mr. Salty box- but maybe I can hide 1 of the boxes. Don't tell them, ok?)
anywhoooo...the chocolatey, salty combo is to die for and I definitely recommend them. :)
In other weight loss news, I tried a new technique today and made myself workout as soon as I got home from work. It was kind of rainy out, so I did DDR for over an hour and capped it off with 20 minutes of Wii Fit Yoga. I'll have to do the strength exercises on it tomorrow, as I ran out of time and do want to work in those kind of exercises- and weight training- into my routine also. I'd love to lose some arm jiggle before deep summer. kwim?


blendergrl said...

good for you for getting in some activity as soon as you get home. I am on my feet all day at work so if I sit down when I get home it is so hard to drag my ass off the couch again! I try to go straight from work to the pool or do my walking before I sit down. My Wii is about the only thing that can get me ack up in the evenings.

cdndyme said...

mmmmmm - I will have to look for those!
Yeah all the people who I thoucht wouldn't like my snacks are loving them.
I said I am like the local crack dealer.... just with Hostess 100 calorie snack cakes. LOL I give them the first one free... after that they gotta pay.
one of my friends emailed me last night to say she couldn't stop thinking about the coffee cake ones I gave her. LOL
I have such a hard time going to the gym if I come home after work. I have to take my gym gear with me and go straight to the gym after work or I wont go at all. I guess home is my lazy place. LOL
Way to go on staying motivated once home.
Can you hide some of those treats at work? I keep a box or two of them at the office so I don't feel like I have to run to the vending machine.

JanetM97 said...

hmmmmmmmmmmmm...maybe I should take a stash to work! I usually just carry one with me (and my lunch if I pack it). Glad I'm not alone on the "I feel lazy when I get home" bit. Work sucks the energy right out of ya, eh? Where's that winning lotto ticket? ;)