Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Size 14 checking in!

How can it be HYC Tuesday check in already? Anyway, I've had a pretty good week and think I am down at least a pound for the week, if I don't blow it all at my work related bbq later. I need to improve my daily commitment to exercise and water. Other than that I am just happy to be surviving fattening June with any losses at all.

I took a picture of the outfit that I'm wearing today for my work related golf adventure *see above* since I haven't really posted other stats on this site (other than the weight loss scale thing on the bottom) and I do enjoy looking at weight loss stats on other people's sites. It's so inspiring to see how far some people have come. Makes any of my whining seem frivolous. kwim?

I'm happy about the outfit because (a) it fits me well and doesn't give me a muffin top, (b) it would not have fit me well a month or so ago and so (c) it helps me to feel like I'm progressing. The outfit makes me feel less happy in that it is (a) size 14- in the skirt and (b) the first time I wore it, it was pretty loose (they didn't have a smaller size at Winners).

Anyway, in trying on my other summer stuff, some things fit and some things are too tight (though I can squeeze into most things- definitely earning my muffin top title). Most my recent summer stuff is size 12, with a few 10s thrown in for good measure. I'm hoping that by mid-July, a few more size 12s will be wearable.

Have a good day everyone! I'm off to earn APs the slow and hard way: playing golf...poorly. ;)

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Angel said...

cute outfit!
I had weigh in today..ugh.. my first gain.. trying to not let it get me down..and no weigh in for two weeks.. yikes