Sunday, June 22, 2008

How to eat a burger

How to eat an actual REAL meat burger- and still stay within your points: make it a mini ground sirloin steak burger appetizer on a mini dinner roll.
Last night- before our rush to get dd off to her dance recital (where she did a Hannah Montana number with her jazz class- very cute), I spent part of the afternoon trying a couple of Cooking Light recipes. Both are from the June Cooking Light magazine. The one pictured above (rushed picture taken whilst family asked, "Why are you taking a picture of your dinner?) is Sliders with Shallot-Dijon Relish. The recipe could be cut down further pointswise (like take out the butter in the relish maybe and forgo the pickle chips).

Good lord! I just realized that dill pickle chips are not actual dill pickle chips!! rotfl! What a dolt I am!! Note to self: look at picture in magazine more closely before trying a recipe. Too, too funny! Should I edit this? or the picture with the dill pickle chip sticking out of it? No! What's dignity among bloggers? Anyway, who knew that dill pickle slices are called dill pickle chips? I thought the since this was an appetizer that the dill pickle chips were just a funky addition and who hasn't stuck potato chips on one's burger (well, before ww anyway)?! Chips are good with anything, really. right?!
Moving on, red-faced...all the adults enjoyed the burgers (esp. with the crunchiness of dill pickle chips). The children weren't sold. I think in the future, I would forgo the shallot/mustard mixture for the children and serve their chips on the side. har. Dh really liked how the burger wasn't greasy- the sirloin was really lean. I found he cooked it a little too long (he likes things really well done) and would have liked him to have followed the 3 minutes per side as the recipe called for and how I carefully instructed (bossed) him to do, BUT it was enjoyable anyway. (esp with the extra crunch.) I DID think that salsa would have been a nice addition to this burger, so I think that the actual dill pickles might have helped with that- crazy how it's all falling into place.
I'll definitely try this recipe again and do it properly. :P Part of the reason I tried it was because it was picked as a "Greatest Hit" by the staff. Guess they all knew about the pickle chip thing, eh?

The grilled veggies or Grilled Vegetable Salad pictured above was also very tasty. The veggies should be cut a bit more- but I was rushing for the recital at that point. I'd definitely do that recipe again as it was well-liked by all adults present and it doesn't call for chips of any kind. :)


blendergrl said...

hahaha that is something I would have done. You actually made me laugh out loud!

Looks delicious (with or without the chips)

Cammy said...

tee-hee! Remember, I'm laughing with you. :)

Our cafeteria at work started selling sliders a few weeks ago, but you have to buy two of them. Meanies.

JanetM97 said...

lol Thanks for laughing WITH me, you guys! ;) Quel dork I am! :P