Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A New (4 Me) Icecream Find

...that I think also earns you APs, simply by trying to scoop the rock-hard stuff out! I have had the double churned Breyer's before- but in the cappuccino-chocolate flavour- which I didn't enjoy as much as this. (For Cappuccino frozen yogurt with bits of chocolate, Chapman's Frozen Yogurt rocks.)

Anyway, I found this on the weekend @ Fortinos and really like it, but why is the double churned icecream so hard to scoop? I tried letting it soften, but only the edges kind of do and the rest remains like a boulder in the middle area. I figure major AP points for trying to get a waffle cone's worth for the kids! ;)

In the exercise department, I did 24 minutes of WiiFit on the spot jogging (around a picturesque cartoon island) and I was really sweating it out. It's not too bad, for jogging on the spot and all. The cartoon waterfalls and such take your mind off some of the pain. It would be cool if you could suddenly run in another direction, through the Mii village or down by the beach- lol. Then I did some of the Yoga. I THINK I'm improving. I'd like to take a yoga class again irl. I know I need to work on my core muscles and posture. I'm way too slouchy!

Sidenote: you know how when one is eating healthier, sometimes one's dh annoyingly starts dropping pounds without breaking a sweat? Mine is currently eating chips and drinking beer at the kitchen table. I sent him out for skim milk and he did a little shopping for himself. I think I'm going to beat him in the weight loss competition even with his manly calorie burning power. Luckily the chips aren't calling to me. I must be in the zone, eh?!


blendergrl said...

I know exactly what you mean.. my DH eats whatever I put in front of him but I know he is supplementing his diet with donuts and pop when he is not at home. At least he doesn't do it in front of me very often.

Angel said...

hey ya its me.. I forgot to tell you that i moved ahah but i still read your blog on a regular basis.!
I had weigh in tonight and was pleasantly surprised :)

JanetM97 said...

Thanks Blendergirl and Angel! Congrats on the wi, Angel. :)

Anonymous said...

My dh is the opposite.. he is steadily gaining while i'm losing.. could be all the junk he puts in his mouth eh.. The zone rocks though. To not be tempted by those foods makes it much easier!

i'm going to have to try that ice cream.

Anonymous said...

Good on you for doing some exercise. Is Wii Fit good? I'm considering getting it. And then it can join all the other home fitness equipment - X box dance mat, Reebok ball, yoga mat, weights etc - currently festering in my spare room. :)

Thanks for your support on my blog and good luck. x

cdndyme said...

That Wii Fit is sounding pretty cool. That would be rocking if you could just take a detour. Imagine how much more you would do if you could go explore wii town. lol
My ex hasn't lost a pound yet YAY. I am officially lighter than him for the first time though. We are odd and spend (probably) way to much time together. lol
I love the Breyers, but I find the single serving cups easier for me. And the ice cream is ironically very soft in those... Weird huh?

JanetM97 said...

mmmm...single serving cups? I'm way behind the times apparently. I'll have to look for them. It's a good idea to have them pre-measured, cause icecream is the kind of stuff sometimes I just "eyeball" and my eyeballs apparently are sized large, too. ;)

and the WiiFit is fun. I hear you about "collecting" exercise equipment!

cdndyme said...

lol - those pesky eyeballs!
The single servings are 2 points. I have never tried the other kind, but it looks like the same thing. It's kinda pricey, but I would "eye ball it" off too if it weren't for someone else weighing it for me.