Monday, June 16, 2008

Don't you just love skewer recipes?

I guess I should have take a picture of this while it was still on the skewer (the chicken and onion bits, I mean. The bread/croutons are cooked on a skewer separately as well.) but my skewers are large and metal (new President Choice- PC- ones that I just got at Fortinos). So though the recipe calls for a skewer on each plate, mine wouldn't work. (They'd hang over your plate and my children might start swordfighting with them or something. Then there would be yelling from dh. Who needs the headache for the sake of presentation, I ask you? Bamboo ones would be pretty though.)

Anyway, I really liked this recipe. It's from the new June issue of Cooking Light: "Grilled Chicken Caesar on a Skewer." It was pretty easy, too. I really like how the chicken cooked on the skewer and enjoyed the caesar flavouring on the chicken, too.

It called for fat-free bottled Caesar dressing which my local store didn't have. We Canadians don't have a ton of fat-free products, do we- I mean of the manufactured kind? I always wonder why that is? I know we have less products in general, but much of the really low or non-fat stuff isn't sold here. Anyway, I used the PC blue label stuff and a bit of my light Renee's Caesar dressing. I think next time I will use the PC stuff just for the marinating part and use the Renee's in smaller amounts for the main salad and adjust the points. The Renee's dressing was just so much tastier and denser. I plan to play around with it and see how to maybe combine it with something else? and still have that great "real" dressing taste? The PC stuff just seemed so artificial and bland. kwim? Any Caesar experts out there with tips?

I really liked the grated cheese in this recipe, too. We have one of those handle-turning cheese graters where you put the chunks of cheese in it. Having it done this way makes me realize how much more flavourful it is than the pre-grated stuff we usually go with (from a bag from Costco). You need less of it for the flavour, too. (So that's good pointwise, eh?)

Finally, I think next time I'll add a bit of lemon, too. I love a lemon taste with a Caesar- and a bit of yellow would like pretty, too, what with the lack of skewers in the presentation and all. ;)


WillBFineby2009 said...

Thanks for stoppin by .I luv looking at great food photos.As soon as I get a new camera I plan on doing photos too.Keep in touch.Bye

Diana's Body Journey said...

I don't care for salads (wilty or warm lettuce grosses me out completely...including adding cheese to it), but I never thought to have chicken skewers with the sauce on it. I'll have to try it. I know you didn't do that completely, but thanks for the idea in my head anyway :)

I agree...metal skewars are dangerous (even with just the hubby around!), but they re-use so easily!