Sunday, June 29, 2008

"Shawarma" fun to say...

...and fun to eat! Last night I made my first recipe from the new (July) Cooking Light. The recipe for Chicken Shawarma caught my eye immediately because my friends and I really love the Shawarma that they make at a local Middle Eastern restaurant (although, truth be told, I've been getting the falafel instead lately- as mentioned in a prior post). Also very appealing to me, is that the Shawarma recipe is in the Dinner Tonight (my favourite) section of the mag, so it features other kebab recipes (prior post love) AND gives side dish suggestions- which I enjoy looking at and trying, too. I made their suggested side salad last night. (Too bad it wasn't the fattoush though- which is the ME salad I heart the most. I'll have to get a recipe for that next time.)

Anyway, the chicken shawarma was so very good! The chicken was spicy and the tahini/yogurt sauce was delicious. I'd definitely make it again. The recipe called for 6 inch pitas, but the freshest I could find (at Fortinos) were the bigger size, so I cut 2 in half to make the recipe. In the end, to make it easier to eat AND more like the restaurant Shawarmas, I tucked the chicken, etc inside the warmed-on-the-grill pita. It was just so good and well worth the 8 points.

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