Wednesday, June 4, 2008

a S'more for Barbie

...not that that chick needs a low fat, teeny tiny s'more! Are these things adorable or what? lol. Anyway, next up in my series of snacks discovered whilst shopping in Buffalo, are the forementioned Hershery's Snacksters: S'Mores. I tried them today before my DDR workout. (way to get extreme energy, eh?)

I did enjoy them overall and would buy them again. The best part is the chocolate (of course) and as a snack, it tastes best eaten all together- as an actual mini Barbie s'more(s). Seriously! Individually, the parts- other than the chocolate, of course, were a little bland if you kwim? Plus, it was way fun and time consuming stacking this little suckers- ergo making the snack last longer and seem, well "bigger". :P

Am I seeming obsessive about the snacks? lol. or- hopefully- helpful for future shopping trips to the big U. S. of A.?! Hopefully the second. fitness news, I did about an hour and a half on DDR, mainly because I was trying to pass this crazy dance request level. I was sweating all over the place and yet, sadly, did NOT pass said level. Will try again tomorrow. Might have to eat a bunch of Barbie S'mores beforehand. har. *sweet dreams ww girls!*


cdndyme said...

you are cracking me up.
So what isle did you find those in? I haven't seen anything like that yet. But I have heard that Eastern American Snacks are different that for those of us on the west coast. My gf's down south are always talking about the different stuff back east.
blah blah blah
It is a gemini ramble day today.
way to go on the work out. Nothing better than getting a good sweat on.
Holla soon.

JanetM97 said...

I THINK I got them in Target?! in the snack/cookie area? It wasn't a huge Target. I think they're pretty new though? maybe they aren't coast to coast yet. (Barbie aint sharing properly.) ;)