Thursday, June 12, 2008

Deep Thoughts at Bedtime

I had a nice time at my work party yesterday and survived without falling face first (mouth open) into the Chinese food. I took a little bit of everything (probably, the highest in points was the orange-beef that this particular place does in a spicy way that I love) and just enjoyed eating it. I knew I was only having one plate, so I took my time and just enjoyed everything. kwim?

I found that by the end, by taking my time and all, that I WAS full enough and I didn't have to eat the dessert squares (that looked really good and were from this amazing little bakery in the town that I live in). I wasn't even tempted. I think part of it was knowing that I'd have to track them and I could get more "bang for my point buck" if I had some frozen yogurt or something at home, but part of it was just not mindless eating like I usually would do at a party.

I will never stop loving food. I know that about myself. I think I actually enjoy food MORE when I'm being conscious of what I'm eating and appreciating it. I could have had a delicious square and tracked it if I wanted, but that delicious square wasn't the boss of me. "Take THAT, delicious square!"


cdndyme said...

you cracked me up with your commentary about the square!
Good for you!
It's interesting to be completely aware of the food we consume.
I adore food! Heck I spent A LOT of money to get the figure I have today. LMAO so I totally get your feelings about having a love for food and conquering the power it HAD on you.

Anonymous said...

That's great that you ate mindfully at the party and was able to have a non-emotive dialogue with yourself about whether you really wanted the dessert or not. I can relate with your love of Chinese food, it's my favourite cuisine.

Losing 10 pounds is a big achievement too - has that equated to losing a dess size?

blendergrl said...

Good job at the party! I have never really been swayed by sweets but ginger beef... that would require all my strength!

Girl with a Problem said...

Way to go on the success at the buffet - sounds like you did a great job.

I really like your blog. It's visually appealing and I enjoy your writing style.

Welcome to the HYC community!

JanetM97 said...

Thanks for the comments! I have a gazillion things to do today. Might not post till tomorrow. Have a great skinny day everyone! :)